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If you are disabled, or suffering from some physical impairment, then embarking on outdoor leisure and camping activities in a motorhome can seem beyond your reach.


However here at Derek Walsh Camper Centre we may be able to offer you options which you had not thought previously possible.


We can enable wheelchair users and those with other physical or mental impairments gain access to the leisure lifestyle enjoyed by so many, whether it be a straightforward modification such as installing a wider habitation door to fit a wheelchair, or installing an entire mobility system within the motorhome.


Please click on the following link to view a video our of EasyRail entire motorhome mobility system:

The system was developed due to a strong motiviation to make camping holidays an easy prospect for people with disabilities. Nothing feels as independent and free as a camping holiday!

The unobtrusive system renders the entire motorhome accessible to the user.

Easy access to the bathroom, bed, living area and front cab. No cupboard is too high or too low!

The layout and structure of your motorhome is unchanged and the system can be easily removed and your motorhome can be returned to its original appearance whenever you wish to sell it on. The system can also be re-used for your next motorhome!


We can alter your existing motorhome or provide you with a new or secondhand motorhome and alter it to your specifications.

Please see photos below of a simple EasyRail system that we installed in a new Pilote motorhome and also a wider habitation door to allow easy access for a wheelchair along with tie downs for the wheelchair inside the camper for holding the wheelchair in transit and also a removable wheelchair ramp outside the motorhome.

We have made modifications to the motorhome in such a way that when they EasyRail system has been removed and the side seat put back in - the motorhome will be returned to its original appearance.


Contact us today on 061 394 010 to see how we can help you!

Click into photos to make them bigger.

Please see photos below of a lady using an EasyRail system inside an older motorhome.

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